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TurboWallet makes day to day crypto transactions a reality with drop dead simple usage, insanely low fees and super fast confirmations.

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TurboWallet Features

TurboWallet aims to be the easiest way to send and receive cryptocurrency for our day to day lives.

Easy to Use

Just a few simple chat based commands is all you need to send your crypto to anyone.

Negligible Fees

Fees are so low it's almost not even worth mentioning. We're talking 1/1000 of a penny.

Fast Confirmations

Transactions are confirmed in 5 seconds or less so you won't be waiting hours.

Turbo FAQ

Got questions? We got answers.

It's easy, just start talking to me! Click a link at the top of the homepage to join the appropriate group on the messenger of your choice.

Currently we support Telegram and Discord, more coming soon!

The default coin is GO from GoChain as it provides the best user experience for our users due it's scalability, quick block times and low fees. We also support GO-20 tokens on GoChain, ETH and ERC-20 tokens.

We'll be adding support for other coins and tokens in the near future. If you'd like to see your coin/token added, please contact [email protected].

There's a few aspects to this question. 1) Private Keys: We store your private keys in a secure, encrypted storage environment, with rotating encryption keys to minimize the impact of any breach. 2) The Chat Service: Unfortunately if someone were to take over your account, for instance taking your Telegram account via SMS hijacking, they could steal your coins. Be sure to enable 2FA on all your accounts, enable password verification on Telegram, and lock down your phones and computers.


No, we cannot give out your private keys since if there were a loss of funds, there would be no way to know whether it was us or you. If you want your funds out, just send them to another wallet.

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