THE Crypto Chat Wallet

TurboWallet makes it super easy to send and receive crypto using your favorite chat apps such as Discord and Telegram.

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Works in Multiple Messengers

TurboWallet works in Discord and Telegram with more to come soon!

Add TurboWallet to your Discord Servers and Telegram Groups for fun group interactions such as:

  • Tipping - tip others in the chat
  • Red Envelopes - give a bunch of envelopes out to other people in the group. First come first serve.
  • Check latest prices - pull up the latest crypto prices for discussion

Have Fun With Crypto Collectibles

Buy, trade, transfer and show off your collectibles right in your chat!

TurboWallet enables you to show off your collectibles and chat about them right in your chat groups. You're the only one with the tattooed sailor cat and you should be able to brag about it, whenever you feel like it.

TurboWallet Benefits

TurboWallet aims to be the easiest way to send and receive cryptocurrency for our day to day lives.

Easy to Use

Just a few simple chat based commands is all you need to send your crypto to anyone.

It's Free!

TurboWallet is free! We don't charge you anything for personal use.*


Transactions are confirmed in 5 seconds or less (if your token is on GoChain) so you won't be waiting hours... like Bitcoin